Project Overview

Project information

  • Category: Framework Design/ System
  • Project date: 2019-2020

This work presents LBS, such as, delivery system, a mobile healthcare framework based on edge-fog-cloud collaborative network. It uses edge and fog devices for parameterized health monitoring, and cloud for further health data analysis in case of abnormal health status. The continuous location change of users is a critical issue, and the connection interruption and delay in delivering health related data may be fatal in case of emergency. In this direction, in the proposed framework, mobility information of the users is considered and the users’ mobility pattern detection is performed inside the cloud for advising the user regarding nearby health centre. From the theoretical analysis, it is observed that the proposed framework reduces the delay and energy consumption of user device by 28% and 27% respectively than the cloud only health care model. The proposed healthcare framework has been implemented in the laboratory and health data of few student volunteers are analyzed to predict their health status. The experimental analysis also shows that the proposed mobility prediction model has better precision, recall value and time-efciency than the existing models.